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NIS 2010 Version

Vista OS 32 bit home premium with Vista SP2


Tuesday 12/14/10, I ran the monthly microsoft updates.

I noticed in the Security History Logs, under Norton Product Tamper Protection


Unauthorized Action Blocked





Now I think MRT.EXE is the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool that they deliver every month with updates

But this is the first time I have seen it show as an item in Norton Product Tamper Protection.

I know that Tamper Protection just stops items from getting to Norton Items. But I have never seen this logged before

Did the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool screw with my NIS 2010?

Is this an oddity that I should be concerned with?

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Re: MRT.exe

Hi Calls,


no it's nothing to worry about. Microsoft just simply changed something in the MRT tool (it is a bit more agressive now), and during its scan it checks some of the Norton files as well, and this is how your NIS reacts to the checking.

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