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My mail server is on Global Bad Senders list

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I have problem. My mail server (sendmail) was put on Global Bad Senders. When I want use remove bad reputation, answere is:


The IP address was found to have a negative reputation. Reasons for this assessment include:

  • The host appears to be sending unauthorized email.


Bud I'm sure that my server is clear. I tested my server on open relay and some viruses. All tests were negative. I don't know where is problem and  what I have to correct.


Can you help me someone? 


Thank you very much,


Marek Pavlicek


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Re: My mail server is on Global Bad Senders list

hi marekpavlicek - i think you may be in the wrong forum (this one is for Norton branded products) - there is a Global Bad Sender for the Brightmail reputation list, and a site to contest it at


good luck,