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NIS 2010 - hanging on start up, blocking firefox, IE

So not sure what the latest update of NIS 2010 is... but I updated it on May 29th and got a whole bunch of problems.

My specs:


Windows 7

Corei7 950 @ 3ghz



1st Problem:

After applying the update and restarting, the NIS would hang.

Initially this did not block anything as I could still open Firefox and IE to log onto Symantec's Website for a quick look on the forums. I then re-installed NIS and this seemed to fix the issue.


2nd problem:

A few hours later, (After i had turned off the PC), I turned on the PC again to do some web surfing. Firefox and IE would not start.  I tried to restart the PC again from this point to see if it was just a fluke. To my surprise, the PC hung while logging into Windows - I get a black screen with the mouse pointer movable, but nothing else - pure black screen.


So at this point I have NIS Uinstalled - what do I do now?




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Re: NIS 2010 - hanging on start up, blocking firefox, IE

At this point you are probably better off to run the Norton removal tool to clean everything up as much as possible  and then reinstall the latest available version from the link below.  Once installed, run liveupdate until it says you have them all, and then reboot.


If you need to save passwords, let us know and we will find the instructions for doing so.


Norton Removal Tool


Latest Versions



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