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NIS 2012 Quick Scan

Dear at Norton community,

Greetings. Today, 26th jan 2012, NIS Product updated was done by Live update. From this update onwards the Quick Scan takes longer time. While scanning commonly infected files and startup files,earlier, it usually completes a quick scan withing three minitues. Now after the product update it stops for four minitues while checking for VBS.Runauto, showing number of item scanned, 4377, for six minitues it checks for Backdoor.Tidserve, for three minitues it checks for Backdoor.Rustock.A, for  six minitues and for Backdoor.Rustock.B for three minitues and then completes the scan with a tally of total files 7989. In all it takes 28 minitues for a quick scan! I think it is very slow in doing quick scan. Can the community resolve this? Thanks.

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Re: NIS 2012 Quick Scan

Here no problems: 2 min. and 28 sec. to quick scan 9721 files, The same time circa as the other past quick scans.

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Re: NIS 2012 Quick Scan

Hi dsvasan:


I have not yet received this update but I can tell you that it usually takes abut 2-3 minutes for the Quick Scan. When checking for certain malware types, Quick Scan does spend a bit more time which is considered to be normal function.


When I receive the update I will initiate a manual Quick Scan and post back with my findings, for XP and 7.




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Re: NIS 2012 Quick Scan

No problems here either (before or after the product update which I received last night)


2 min 36 seconds to scan 17,627 files

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Re: NIS 2012 Quick Scan




There were 2 product updates recently, neither should have affected the length of time for the Idle Quick Scans. If you decrease the time for your computer to become idle, these scans should complete more quickly since it won't have to wait as long for your computer to become idle.


Settings----General-----Norton Tasks.----move all those sliders down to 1 minute.


I have found that makes it quicker.


Hope this helps. Please come back and let us know. Thanks

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