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NIS 2014 - At this low price, I wonder...

I have been a loyal Norton user since the days of Peter Norton and never looked back. There were instances, many years ago, when I tried 2 different brands of other antivirus programs (both still very well known in the market) and I am not saying they were bad. What I am saying is, however good or bad they were, I ended up sticking with Norton. In one of these 2 instances, I used that antivirus for about a week and said to myself - enough!


So, I used this little introduction to give some sense and context to what I'm about to say:  I just ordered my copy of NIS 2014, 1 user / 3 licenses, from Amazon and I got it at this ultra-bargain price of $22.99 & free shipping on orders of 25 dollars or more (just add a little box of paper clips and your done... :smileyhappy: ). Now, at this low price, I wonder, who on earth might still consider purchasing any antivirus program of the same or similar quality from any other brand?




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Re: NIS 2014 - At this low price, I wonder...

Although price is a deciding factor for many, the protection of the computer should be paramount.


Just as one driver will purchase one brand of car over another, the same is true of software.


The bonus you found is the product/brand that you prefer, and you found a great price.  Win/Win




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