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NIS Won't Open - Error message

Norton Internet Security won't open on my computer. When I try to run a LiveUpdate or Quick Scan, I get the following message:




Unspecified Error


Any suggestions?

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Re: NIS Won't Open - Error message

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Hi T_K,


Welcome to the Norton Community Forum:


Have you tried a simple reboot first?


I'm not big on "shotgunning" your PC but you might wish to try this, since you are in a difficult situation..

Here's what I would suggest right now - let's upgrade (free) to NIS 2012:


Please follow these directions exactly. :smileyhappy:


Basic procedure for reinstalling NIS 2012 - all to be completed with Administrator-level privileges.


Download the Norton Removal Tool located here and save it to your Desktop.

Next, download NIS 2012  from here and save that onto your Desktop as well.

Export all Identity Safe Data (if any) and make a note of your Product Key - you will need it for the reinstall.

Next, open the Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista/7)

Uninstall NIS 2011 from the list and reboot your computer.

Run the NRT and reboot. Afterwards, run the NIS 2012 Installer Package.

Run Live Update until all updates are exhausted. A reboot or two might be required.

Please verify that you have NIS 19.5 at that point (check under Support -> About) If not, please run Live Update again.


Check all NIS and System functionality.


Let us know if the above solves your issue.




Atomic_Blast :)

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Re: NIS Won't Open - Error message

Actually, I never got to even attempt this.Turned out my computer was infected with a nasty virus (ironic, huh?) So ended up having to do a full system restore. Thanks for the help, though.