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New Error NIS12

I keep getting this error from Norton:


Norton Internet Security
Error: 8504, 100
Windows 7 Professional
Norton Autofix Results: 0 item(s)


What is it?

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Re: New Error NIS12

Hi Warden30,


Did this just start happening recently, as in since yesterday?


Does this happen when clicking on Support > Get Support? If so, do you see a screen like the one in the following post?


If so you can check the version of the files in the post above. If you have this update and you receive the error under these conditions, then this is a known problem which Symantec is working on. It does not affect the normal operation of NIS other than this error being incorrectly reported.


Hope this helps.


Best wishes.



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Re: New Error NIS12

Hi Warden30,


There are some old threads on the forum for Error 8504, 100.  These posts might give you some insight into the problem.



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