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New computer and need to re-download my NAV

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Recently purchased new comp and need to re-download my Norton antivirus. How do I go about re-downloading this to my new comp. I appreciate any help, thx in advance


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Re: Need Help w/ New Comp

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Hi calm2chaos,


If you want to install NAV 2010, please download it and save it to your computer from this link:


Also, please fetch your Norton product key from your Norton account in order to activate NAV 2010:


Note: only users who have a subscription for NAV 2006 or later can upgrade for free to NAV 2010, so you need to have at least a subscription for NAV 2006 or later.

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Re: Need Help w/ New Comp

Hi calm2chaos


I like your name that you chose. Also since you have a new computer, please make sure that it didn't come with some OEM antivirus or security program already installed. If it did, then you will have to uninstall that OEM security program first before you can reinstall your Norton product.

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