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Norton Blocking Java

I have Norton 2012 and Windows XP IE 8.  My Norton 2012  blocking my jave files and disabling java in both IE8 and Firefox. These files are blocked when I turn on computer.

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Re: Norton Blocking Java

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Hi Holly,


I noticed that you posted a similar issue with  Apple updates.  What sort of notification are you seeing about these blocks?  I am rather suspecting that you are seeing Norton Product Tamper Protection log entries, which are simply events where an outside agent has attempted to access a Norton file or process and was prevented from doing so.  Norton will block and log any access attempt by another program (even Windows).  It does this to prevent any interference or compromise of your protection.  The blocked program, which will be shown as the "actor," is only denied access to Norton, but remains able to carry out all of its normal tasks, otherwise.  If what you describe are actually Tamper Protection entries, you can ignore them completely, as they only pertain to an outside program's interaction with Norton itself, and have nothing to do with the program's ability to function or gain network access.



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Re: Norton Blocking Java

I have the same problem.  Thanks for helping.  Nothing to worry about, then