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Norton Internet Security Not Working Error 3047, 91

I made the mistake of trying to download a "*.docx" to "*.doc" file converter program.  Well some sort of registry booster program hitched a ride into my computer, the registry booster garbage was called UniBlue Registry Booster and it never worked and the file conversion software didn't work.  Only outcome is that my fully functioning Norton Internet security now doesn't work.  The lack of Internet Security has now gone beyond 2 weeks on this computer.


Two symptoms that I can determine.  First on start-up I get a message on windows that "intiupdater.exe" is corrupt.  I have tried downloading new definitions numerous times and at some point that always fails.  Today when I tried it, Internet Explorer says that the link to those definitions is broken.  Second sympton is that I have had two different error codes returned by Norton.  The error codes are 3047, 91 and 3048,1.  Most recently the 3047, 91 has been seen almost continually, but the other code does appear from time to time. 


I have tried calling the 1-800-721-3934 number and sat on hold for 40 minutes when I had to go do something else.


Any ideas that might lead to a return to active Norton Internet Security would be appreciated.



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Re: Norton Internet Security Not Working Error 3047, 91

Hello banff8297 and welcome!


I am sorry to hear of your problem.  Based upon the error codes and that you have run Intelligent Updater, I would suggest a complete uninstall / re-install of your NIS.


You didn't mention which version of NIS you are running, but these instructions are for NIS 2011.



  • Download and Save the Norton Removal Tool to your desktop.

  • Download and Save the NIS 2011 Installer to your desktop.

  • For temporary protection, turn on your Windows Firewall.

  • Back up your Identity Safe Data to a convenient location. Have your product key handy.

  • Uninstall your current Norton Version via Add-Remove Programs or Programs and Features.

  • If prompted, do not select the option to save your settings.  Select "Please remove all user data...." (see image here)

  • Restart your computer when prompted.

  • After the restart, run the Norton Removal Tool. *See important note below.

  • Restart your computer when prompted.

  • Right click on the NIS 2011 Installer and select “Run As Administrator” (XP users just double click).

  • If prompted, enter your product key and set up your Norton account.

  • Check that Norton has turned OFF the Windows Firewall.

  • Run Live Update a few times until no more definitions are available.

For your convenience, I have attached printable instructions.



*Note: The current version of the NRT may affect Roxio programs.  If you have the Roxio installation disc, feel free to use the NRT.  If you do not have the Roxio installation disc, do not run the NRT at this time.



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Re: Norton Internet Security Not Working NIS is back Up and working

I saved my product key.  Used the Norton Removal Tool and reinstalled Norton Internet Security and the NIS is back up and running.  It even ran "chkdsk"  on the restart which fixed some file errors on Windows.


Thanks for the instructions to reinstall Norton and your help!