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Norton Internet Security's Trust Control



Could someone from Symantec explain how file and printer sharing, network discovery, and firewall access are affected by the Protected and Restricted Trust Control settings?  


Also, the Network and Sharing Center control panel in Vista and Windows 7 shows file sharing and network discovery as being turned ON.  How do I turn them OFF, or should I ignore the settings in this control panel when using NIS?


Last, what is the difference between Trust Control's Remote Monitoring and Network Discovery?  Does turning ON Remote Monitoring also turn ON Network Discovery?  When Remote Monitoring is OFF, can I assume Network Discovery is OFF if I'm using Protected or Restricted trust control?


I'm using Norton Internet Security 2009 and 2010.


Best regards and thank you in advance.

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Re: Norton Internet Security's Trust Control

glum wrote:



Could someone from Symantec explain how file and printer sharing, network discovery, and firewall access are

As I am sure you know this is a user to user forum and whilst Symantec employees participate  there is no undertaking that replies will be given by symantec staff.


You can of course wait for a response as you request but you might othewise consider accepting advice from experienced users to your enquiry.

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Re: Norton Internet Security's Trust Control

To enable file and printer sharing if you want your machines to access each other.


Sharing a printer on Win 7/Vista


If you are not sharing files or printers, just an internet connection, you can add the device, laptop or desktop to Norton, click the plus sign under total in network, identify it and set the trust level.  You would not need to add that kind of connection to the Home Group, so sharing in Windows would be turned off.


You can leave the network map on in Windows but it doesn't show the computers that are not part of the homegroup.


I hope that helps.

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Re: Norton Internet Security's Trust Control

Sorry about that.  Anyone please feel free to reply.

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Re: Norton Internet Security's Trust Control

Hi Gum

 I have same problem in the past I have norton all in one version 2 & the hacking  take two minutes to take control of my computer. now I used vercion 3 give them little more hard time buy they steal comen like in three days take to them I tried to contac help by norton but no luck just they past you to the next I get & then to the next one & they kept going. I buy new full vercio of vindos vista and norton all in one vercion 3 so I have little problem I just format the computer. my new problem or the way that they atack my computer is same like you. I turn off Under: "Network and sharing Center", 
Under: Sharing and Discovery",
I turn off all  "Network discovery off"  "File Sharing off" Public folder sharing off" Printer sharinf off"
Password protected sharing off"  Media sharing off"  they turn ON two "Network discovery" & "File Sharing" I was working * then I don't have conection
so I Clisck "Star" & then click " Control Panel" & then I click "View network status and tasks" & then I note
that they turn ON the two options that I mention. I call norton no help I tried to splaint but they just pas me to
another number?? I realy like to know how to protec the files & the Network discovery so they don't turn ON
I will be right now working ready a book that I buy long time ago call Hacking windos Vista I tried to find out how to to protect those two options
but if you look or trie to find the answered more join more fast we could potrect the computer all the other peplo
think that they computer is save but don't I have like 3 years thet they are tacking my computer every day less
becoues I learn how to protec computer. just let you know firts think to do. don't used any thing that peplo or
your bodys give you like uscard to see his pictures. & inside full of virus or you friend find a digital camera
 in the floor, mall, stop bus, ect, & then have a uscard of 20gib & you tell your frind please sell me the uscard
please he will tell you I give you free no wory we a bodys forever is wana be full of virus don't take??
you don't have any idea all the things that they do to me. is part of the live. I will star studig my book right now bye if you fond something or one
unwser please put here I will do same thing. I belive you have a virus hope you don't have same like I have in the past I have like 5 diferent virus
that only selected peplo have only so nobody knows that they exict the only way to take out was format the computer with the full vercion of windos,
& delated the partetition all if you can if you left one little one big trouble but if you fortmat to many times
finale will go out I used only windos vista & norton & no more programs no more problems or windos open, Bye Hacking. & don't used Attachments went you open them if any virus in the way they will pick up & you will have problems??

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Re: Norton Internet Security's Trust Control

Microsoft OS (Vista and Win7) will turn on the File and Printer sharing automatically IF the Windows Firewall is turned OFF and also vis versa (turning the Windows Firewall ON will allow you to turn OFF File and Printer Sharing).  You have to have a third party firewall that will handle all three objects (firewalling, File Sharing and Printer Sharing) to actually effectly have File Sharing OFF and Printer Sharing OFF no matter what the OS Security Center says.  The third party Firewall (in this case Norton's Smart Firewall included in NIS and N360) sits on top of the Windows Firewall and handles all the network traffic / configurations.  The picture below shows that N360 v4 (or NIS2010) has total control over the Windows Firewall.  The settings for the Norton Firewall are what is controlling the traffic; not the Windows Firewall.


Windows Firewall with N360v4.JPG

Win7 x32 SP1