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Norton Internet security will not open

I installed the free version of Norton 360 from comcast. After install I got an Icon in my tray with a green check in it. Right click on it and all items work except open Norton Internet security which has no response. I reinstalled several times with the same result.  I gave up after this and purchased Norton Internet Security 2010.  Much to my disappointment I have the same problem. I used the latest version of norton removal tool before each reinstall.  Everything seems to work except I can not open norton internet security from the icon in the task bar.  I get the same result when I try to access it from start - all programs - norton internet security - norton internet security. I am desperate for any help I can get.



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Re: Norton Internet security will not open

How did you uninstall your previous Security Suite?  If you had the McAfee suite previously offered by Comcast, then you should run the McAfee removal tool (if you have not already done so) that is available from here (along with directions on its usage).


After that, if you purchased NIS2010 online than please download and build the Norton Bootable Repair Tool from this site .  Instructions for running the scan with this tool are included on that web page also.  If the scan finds your system clean now, install NIS2010 once again (run the Norton Removal Tool once more if the suite is installed to clean all the possible misinstalled program drivers [due to McAfee / malware intrusions], reboot the system and then install NIS2010).  Once the installation is complete and activated, run Live Update until you get a message that there are no further updates for your system and then reboot once more.  NIS2010 should be fully functional now.

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Re: Norton Internet security will not open

If I understand correctly, you can't run N360 from Comcast and Norton Internet Security on the same machine.  Installing one, should uninstall the other, although the removal might not be clean. You will need to download and run the Norton Removal Tool to clean up the assorted parts, as well as the McAfee removal tool, if that was not done correctly, and then you will need to choose which program you want to use.  Not both.


Norton Removal Tool



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