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Norton Performance Alert - What does this mean?

Hello Community - I oftentimes on my laptop and a few times on my desktop receive a Norton alert in the bottom right-hand corner of my desktop.


It states the following:  Norton Performance Alert - High CPU Usage by Internet Explorer.


I was told that this means some malicious file is trying to download onto my hard drive.


How do I prevent this from happening and find out what is causing it or if I should be concerned.


Two weeks ago, my laptop was infected with the happili dot com virus which Nortons did not catch.  After a complete OS restore, it seems to be okay.



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Re: Norton Performance Alert - What does this mean?

HI Carmie5,


The Performance Alerts are informational only, and have no direct association with malware detection.  Most programs will occasionally get busy doing a particular task, and when that happens it can cause CPU usage to increase.  Norton alerts you when resource usage exceeds a certain threshold.  Browsers, particularly, can demand a lot of CPU time on occasion, so as long as you recognize that Internet Explorer is engaged in some resource-intensive activity, such as viewing videos or opening a lot of tabs, then you can ignore the Performance Alert.  In almost all cases these alerts are triggered by legitimate programs performing normal tasks.  No user action is necessary.

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Re: Norton Performance Alert - What does this mean?

Hello Carmie5,


SendOfJive is right. He helped me several weeks ago after I started using the Chrome Browser. Chrome is a prime example of something using high cpu when it updates. It updates itself at any given time. I had to change my routine when turning my machine on. The very first thing I do is open Chrome and check for updates manually. This way if there is, I just let it run because I know it's going to use 100% cpu. This way also, I'm not usually interrupted during my computing day or night with high performance alerts.


During the update the pop out from the lower right tells me Chrome is using high cpu. I know this and just leave it alone and it slides back in. After, I relaunch Chrome to finish the update, then close it and restart my machine and everything is fine.


Nothing malicious, just a legitimate program updating. Myself, I have both Chrome and IE placed in the Program Exclusion list. Mainly when using either browser at You Tube or any other flash video or content. Otherwise a person might be getting performance alerts all the time because of flash. Nothing to worry about. As SendOfJive said, they are informational only.