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Norton antivirus windows 8.1 compatibility

I am wondering will my Norton 2013 antivirus be compatible with windows 8.1 when it comes out on Oct 17th, 2013? I know that it was not compatible with the windows 8.1 preview release at all. I want to update, but don't want to have to repurchase a new antivirus suit to do so.

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Re: Norton antivirus windows 8.1 compatibility

Hi Rachine35

When windows 8.1 is officially released then I think Norton will release updates to allow it to be compatible.


If you have an active subscription to Norton (2006 or newer), you can update to the latest version forfree. To do this, go to the link below and selectUpdate Me Now.  You can also upgrade to the latest version of Norton through the Norton user interface, click support, click new version check and follow the prompts.  Both of these methods will perform an over the top upgrade which will allow the local vault/identity safe to remain local, if it is already set up that way, and not be transferred to online.


Then run live updates as many times as it takes to get, no more live updates, restarting as requested.


You might like to backup the personal data and just in case you’ll need to backup or export in both formats your identity safe and any other users identity safe if it is used, before doing the above.







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Re: Norton antivirus windows 8.1 compatibility

It's Oct 29th, downloaded 8.1 today, saw Norton Toolbar and Nortons security results do not show any longer and toolbar is incompatible.. Restored my computer to the time before 8.1, nothing changed. How safe in the solution of: disable secure search in internet advanced options?

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Re: Norton antivirus windows 8.1 compatibility

Hi hauntedtexan, did you upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1, or from perhaps Windows 7 ? Even if you disable Safe Search until this problem is resolved, you will still be protected by Norton.

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