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PC Tools Registry Mechanic

Is P C Tools Registry Mechanic ok to use with Norton products like System Works 12 Standard and Antivirus part if I would just open up the program when I want to use it?

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Re: PC Tools Registry Mechanic

Hi floplot:


PCTools registry mechanic does not have any antivirus scanning at all.  It is a registry cleaner.  While it says that it is safe for novices, it is never safe to fool with your registry.  When a cleaner says that it fixes errors, it means that it deletes them.  It will delete things that you think you don't need, but really do.  They also want you to pay for it.


Ccleaner is much the same thing, and is freeware.  It is equally necessary to be caustious with the registry cleaner portion of it.  It also has an application cleanup that will remove various things.


Windows comes with it's own defragmentation utility, that will assist in straightening up the file system.  The Windows clean-up utility also helps to keep unnecessary files from building up. These utilities are under accessories>system tools.


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