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Why do I keep receiving three Norton popups in lower right corner of screen? (1)) TbHelper2.exe is safe, (2) uninstall.exe is safe, (3) update.exe is safe?

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Re: Popups

Did you downloaded any of those programs?

Windows 7 SP1 64 bit (x64), Norton Internet Security 2012, Internet Explorer 9

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Re: Popups

Hi Bush,


Do you use an addon called " Get videosoft toolbar"? Just right click on the menu bar area, you should see the list of addons and this should be right in there, if its not there its due to the any of the one addon which you have installed on your browser.


Actually, that addon is trying to use there exe files when it gets loaded and so before it gets loaded on the toolbar we scan that exe and we alert you that its safe to use.


If you uninstall that particular addon, you wont get these popups.