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Possible Solution CCSVCHST .EXE Problem

After months of trying to find why my computer hangs up or slows down drastically due to Norton's' AntiVirus files, CCSVCHST.EXE  and/or NPROTECT.EXE, I seemd to solve my problem as follows. .  The Task Manager Performance Tab, will show the monitor moving images to sometimes be normal,  but after a while the monitor will show CPU usage of 90-100%  by one of the above files although not both at the same time.  I tried everything including many ideas from the forums.  Then I read to disable Norton's Antivirus in the lower right bottom in the Notification area.  You can disable it for 15 minutes, by the hour,  by the next restart or permanently.  If you disable it permanently, then on the next restart you will get a warning that the Firewall is now disabled, so I disabled Norton's Antivirus option until the "next shut-down (re- start)" .   When I did that and all rebooted and the applications settled down, the Task Manger showed normal usage,  the Norton's CCSVCHST.EXE was normal, low, and all worked ok.  I have kept the computer on for days, and booted periodically, and all seemed ok now, in other words what seems to be the solution for me anyway.  Effectively, it turned out to be a RESET.  IOW, the solution turned out to be simple, but that of course is after the fact of a lot of frustration.  For some reason, this  CCSVCHST.EXE  triggered a continuous never ending running cycle thus the CPU hogs resources.  One important addition.   Desktop Icon, Norton Protection Recycle Bin, Norton Protection Tab, I cleared the box "Enable Protection".  This latter might not be important, but I rely on back ups. 

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Re: Possible Solution CCSVCHST .EXE Problem

Hello vicktor


Welcome to the Norton Community Forum


Can you please tell us what Norton product you have installed and the version of it? Also what operating system and service pack level please.


From your description of the recycle bin, it sounds like you are running System Works. If you are, which System Works is it, including if it is Basic, Standard or premier and the version number of that please. Thanks.

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Re: Possible Solution CCSVCHST .EXE Problem

Hi Vicktor


I'm running NIS 2010 on a old Dell Inspiron 1100 with Windows XP SP3 and have been suffering from the ccSvchst.exe high CPU usage problem that has affected so many people on this board.In my mind the system had been getting slower

for some time.


Came across your post the other day and thought that's an easy thing to try.


I disabled Autoprotect until System restart (Didn't touch the firewall option).

Restarted the system and .... the problem has gone !!!  :smileyhappy:


It's now running better than I can remember. The only main setting I've not put back is that

I've not enabled Idle Time Scans. That's just irritating I think.


You are the man as far as I'm concerned.

So I've registered in this forum just to thank you


So to all the many people with this problem try this - it only takes a few minutes.

If it doesn't solve your problem that's sad. But it's better than wasting time with

Norton Support who I personally think are poor from my experience.