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Re: Problem running Live update on a dial up connection

BTW, you can actually save money by dropping your dial-up and going to a broadband connection, if available in your part of the country.


I used to have Earthlink dial-up (53.33kbps) at $21.95/month plus my phone line at $42.41/month, for a total of $64.36/month. I changed to an Earthlink High Speed (10Mb down/1Mb up) via Time Warner cable for a new total of $41.95/month. I'm saving $268.92/year for a 187 times faster connection.


Contact your ISP and see what high-speed options are available to you.


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Re: Problem running Live update on a dial up connection

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Hi, thanks for the response and all the help.  I installed the latest self-extracting virus definitions today and rebooted about a minute after but when I clicked on live update it still said I had a 173 mb download. 


I also tried looking at the folder you suggested C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Norton\ but I can't seem to locate it...


And in regard to your suggestion about upgrading to NIS 2011 or 2012, I'm not sure it's worth it right now. Taking into account the fact that my computer is ancient and a lot of the programs either no longer work properly or won't open, and the fact that I only have 49 days of subscription remaining, I might just wait until my subscription runs out and then get a new computer and then purchase/install the latest version.


dfc99, thank you for your suggestion. I live in Canada so I'm not sure if those ISPs are available here, but I would like to upgrade eventually. Money is just a tad tight right now.





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Re: Problem running Live update on a dial up connection



Makes sense ....


Just remember to check what security program comes preinstalled as a trial on your new PC -- it may be Norton or it may not. But depending on what it is and what you want to continue using you may need  some help in removing and cleaning up with special tools you can download from the websites of most of the brands .... simple Windows Uninstall is usually not enough.

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Re: Problem running Live update on a dial up connection

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Hi jewel21:

Just to update you, itsme used CyberScrub Privacy Suite to clear out their cache and temp files and abort their large LiveUpdate download (see post here).  I normally use Piriform's free CCleaner program to clean my temp files (I prefer CCleaner to the native Windows Disk Cleanup utility because CCleaner works with a wider range of third-party software) but on rare occasions when I need a deeper clean of my hard drive I run OldTimer's free TFC (Temp File Cleaner) utility.  If you think it's worth trying another temp file wipe, useful TFC tips are posted here.


CCleaner Temp Files.jpg


My only other suggestion is that you install the free Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) scanner and run an occasional on-demand scan for malware until you purchase your new computer (see MBAM installation hints here).  The first time you update MBAM the full virus definition database download is only 6 or 7 MB and the daily incremental updates (a new feature in v. 1.6.x) are only a few KB in size and will download in under a minute over your dial-up connection as long as you run a MBAM update every day or so. A MBAM Quick Scan takes about 3 or 4 minutes while a deeper Full System Scan might require more than one hour.
My concern is that you won't be able to keep your NIS malware protection up-to-date as long as NIS 2009's LiveUpdate keeps trying to install this large 173 MB download .  You can likely keep your virus definitions up-to-date by occasionally running a fresh download of the latest self-extracting virus definitions (e.g., 201204xx-xxx-v5i32.exe) from here as you've been doing - check the Intrusion Prevention in your NIS security history to confirm the current version of your definitions - but all the other updates delivered by LiveUpdate for things like anti-spam, web protection, etc. will soon become out-of-date (see here for a list of the latest NIS 2009 definition version numbers).


NIS 2011 Intrusion Prevention.jpg



It's probably not a huge issue given that you need a new computer anyway, but you might even want to consider using another software program like Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for XP for your real-time protection until you purchase another computer (note that MSE requires Win XP SP3  - see system requirements here).  I don't know if the installation of MSE would involve another large virus definitions update over your dial-up connection but someone else in the forum might be able to provide some feedback about that.


If you decide to try MSE or some other anti-virus program with real-time protection, be sure to wipe NIS 2009 off your system first.  Uninstall from the Windows Control Panel as usual and then re-boot and run the Norton Removal Tool a few times with re-boots between NRT wipe as huwyngr suggested in message # 13.  See baldeagleuk's thread here titled Upgraded to NIS 2012 - Lost Internet Access for an idea of how orphaned registry entries and files from old anti-virus software can cause problems.


One last hint.  I live in Canada as well (hello from Winnipeg, eh!) and every year Staples puts the latest NIS software on sale for $19.99 on December 26th.  If you don't have a Staples near you (or just hate shopping on Boxing Day :smileyvery-happy:) you can purchase NIS online from on Dec 26th and put the CD away until the next time your NIS subscription is about to expire.  The product activation key that comes with the boxed CD can be used to renew your Norton subscription for another year without having to re-install NIS on your computer.


Good luck, and be sure to post back if NIS keeps giving you any further grief.


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