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Product Key activation

I ahve just tried to install the  Internet Security 2011  but when i get to the Product Key activation page it is already primed not to accept the Key A large red cross appears by the key field and the "Accept and install" box will not work. Am I protetected and what do I have to do to enter the Product Key

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Re: Product Key activation

Hi terrytarff,

Did you have any previous antivirus software installed? If yes, what kind (which brand)? Or did you try to upgrade to NIS 2011 from an earlier version of NIS? By the way, the latest version of NIS is 2012; you can upgrade to 2012 for free as a customer of 2006 or later NIS products.

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Re: Product Key activation

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Re: Product Key activation


   The Product key for Norton Internet Security will start with" J " And please make sure you are typing the correct Product key, Please double check for the Product key.

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Re: Product Key activation

Hello terrytarff


Welcome to the Norton Communiy Forum


Please check to see if your computer time and date are correct. Where did you get the product from? Is it possible that your computer is already infected with malware.? It can be difficult to install a security program on an infected computer. Thanks.

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