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Protected Network Changed to Shared Network?

When I turn on and  log on to my computer, and in NIS 2009 I click on History and click on Firewall-Network and Connections. It always reads- Protecting your connectionto a newly detected network on adapter so and so. It has this twice and then the next 2 items read- connected to a protected network. One says it is the subnet identifier. the other one is the gateway physical address.

Today when I logged on, the gateway physical address says I am connected to a shared network and under status it sais trusted.  Can somebody explain to me why it says shared now instead of Protected. I am running a wireless connection on my laptop. We do have another computer at our home that is connected through DSL. But it is off.  On my laptop I have an administrative account and 2 standard users. I logged off the standard user and went to the administrative account to change the connection to protected from shared in NIS 2009. then I shut down the computer and powered it back up. Everything looked like it normally looks. Both saying Protected. I shut computer off and restarted again. This time the gateway physical address says shared again.

Nothing looks different on my computer. I did a full scan with NIS 2009 and no problems. I don't understand why it says shared now and not protected. As far as I know I didn't change anything yesterday other than downloading an update for my my ccleaner. But that was yesterday morning and the change started at 330pm today.

 When I click on  view home network in NIS 2009 It only shows my computer. Is this something I need to worry about and why is it different now. I have had NIS 2009 since  October and have never seen this in the History. They always said protected.

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Re: Protected Network Changed to Shared Network?

Network settings also change at the ISP level for their firewall, and software.  My desktop is the wired computer and the hosting computer for the desktop in the shop for my other  half. If I look at the network in my computer, it shows my wired connection secure, my computer secure and the shop computer as protected.  If I look at Norton in the shop computer, it shows the wireless connection to be secure, my computer as shared, and the shop computer as secured.  Someone may have allowed file sharing on your wired computer which would change how the network looked in your laptop.  NIS doesn't so much change network settings as recognize the network and make security judgments based on the settings from all parts of the network. You will have to look at the settings in both machines and the ISP network of which you are also a part.  Another poster who is more familiar with the proper settings for networking might have recommendations. I don't allow file sharing on either computer.  It is nothing more than an internet hookup for the other computer.
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