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Questions about Quarantined Virus

In my security history in NIS 2010 under Quarantine, is a Heuristic virus that Norton quarantined last week when it was detected by Download Insight.

 Question 1

If ever I have to uninstall NIS 2010 an reinstall NIS 2010 do I have to worry about that quarantined file?


Next Questions

There are options for the quarantined file

Restore the file    ( I know I don't want to do that)

Remove the file from History  ( does this remove the file from my computer or just from history)

Submit to Symantec (why would I want to do this since Norton caught it and knows it is bad, they know already what is in the file, right?)


Thanks Kevin







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Re: Questions about Quarantined Virus

Hi TooStrong:


Because it was a heuristic detection based on behaviour rather than a positive identification, it could still be useful to send it to Symantec.  You could leave it until you get a postive response from Symantec as to whether it truly is a virus or some legitimate file that has suspicious behaviour.  Once you know for sure, removing it from history also removes it from your system.


When Norton is uninstalled, the quarantine folder is also removed.

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Re: Questions about Quarantined Virus

Please do send it to Norton indeed.

You could also use Malware Submission

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Re: Questions about Quarantined Virus

Quarantine is a special, protected area of Norton AntiVirus. Files in Quarantine cannot interact with the rest of your system. If files in the Quarantine are infected, then the virus, worm, or Trojan cannot spread. This means that if an infected file is part of a legitimate software program, then that software program will not have access to the quarantined file. In rare cases where a legitimate file has been misidentified and subsequently quarantined, your computer may behave abnormally or you may find that one or more applications no longer function as expected. In such rare situations, you should open the Quarantine in your antivirus product. From here, you may review the list of all files detected as virus and, if you identify a potential misidentification, restore the file from quarantine and allow it to run normally. If you are sure about the authenticity of the file, and confident that it is a false positive, then submit that file to Symantec.