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Raising awareness of the "system change" feature in file insight

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This post isn't exactly a problem I've encountered rather just a spot to highlight a not so well documented or apparently known about (ascertained from a quick forum search) feature of NIS. I'm presuming there are a few of you who might find this feature infinitely useful but do not yet know it exists, like myself until recently.

From my understanding it highlights all registry and system changes an exe makes (although I wouldn't mind if someone could clarify exactly what type/criteria are used for a listing). To get to the system change list, bring up the file insight window (right mouse exe>norton internet security>norton file insight) then head off to activity where the drop down box is you can select from three options performance, performance alerts and system change.

NOTE: System change often takes a while to appear, which might be an explanation to why not much is known about it, hopefully if one of the devs see this they might add it permanently to file insight and attach a progress bar instead of it being so elusive. EDIT: Experience suggests that its also necessary to have the application running for system change to appear.