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Regwork.exe by Honlyn

I have an icon that recently popped up on my desktop.  Regwork by Honlyn Offshore Group of Macau.  Is anyone familiar with this.  It sets up a loop that refuses to allow it to be uninstalled by normal methods.

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Re: Regwork.exe by Honlyn

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Can you please tell us what Norton product you have installed and the version number please? Also what operating system and service pack and if it's 32 or 64 bit please? Thanks.

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Re: Regwork.exe by Honlyn

There is some information available here and a removal tool.  I have not tested this, and can't vouch for the effectiveness of it, but it might be worth a look.



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Re: Regwork.exe by Honlyn

Try to run Norton Power Eraser tool:

Check if it detects any threats and if it does, please provide us the filename and other details. Don't fix any files now, you can fix those after getting confirmation in this thread.