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Reinstall Norton Internet Security 2013

I purchased and installed Norton Internet Security on 2013 on a 2 year old desktop yesterday. Due to constant power outage and lack of UPS, the system crashed and now whiling booting it has restored the system to factory default settings. So I have lost the susbscription


How can I re-apply the license purchased to the same computer. 




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Re: Reinstall Norton Internet Security 2013

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Hi harshnahar and welcome!


I am sorry to hear of your problem, but we can resolve the Norton issue rather quickly.


With a valid subscription, you will always have access to download the latest version of your product from your Norton Account or from this link to NIS.


Your subscription key will still be valid since you are installing on the same machine. Just enter it when prompted to do so.


Once installed, please run Live Update a few times until no more updates are available.


Hope that helps!



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