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Renewal for 3 PC's

I purchased an in-store 3 PC version of NIS 2011 (of which I use only 2) and it is now up for renewal. My question is, if I renew on-line using 1 computer, am I assured that the other computer will be likewise automatically renewed? That is, I will not have to purchase a renewal for each computer?


Apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find a specific reference.



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Re: Renewal for 3 PC's

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Hi cervus:


You only need the one subscription.  Once you update one computer, click on support>check subscription status in the other machine, and it should add the days for the new subscription.  If not, just click renew at the bottom of the page and enter the new key.

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Re: Renewal for 3 PC's

Perfect answer. Thankyou delphinium... enjoy your day.

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Re: Renewal for 3 PC's

You only need one renewal but do make sure it is for the 3PC version if there is a choice on line ....


And if you can buy it cheaper in a store with all the rebates floating around, do that and just use the KEY -- don't reinstall ....