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Running in safe mode, cant install Norton

About a week back my Mcafee expired. I recieved a virus almost immidiatly. My computer palyed random music, voice notes, commericals, just the audio though. I went into the task manager and managed to find the right program and ended that task. I just bought Norton today, and know that I needed to delete Mcafee to install Norton. So I deleted Mcafee and was prompted to restart my system. After restart a blue screen came up and my computer would not start. It restarted, i logged into my user name, and a few seconds later after everything had loaded it went back to that blue screen and shut off. I've tried to install Norton in every possible way. I tried in safety mode, and all the other options i was given. How can i fix this and run my computer normally, and install Norton?



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Re: Running in safe mode, cant install Norton

I understand, that McAfee wasn't deleted successfullt, so it was left .sys files, which needs deleted..Firstly i suggest that


1.Start computer, after BIOS loads, press F8 rapidly-Windows Boot Menu Appears...

2.Locate to "Last known good Configuration" and press enter

3.Then, if it helps, before turning off PC, insert Norton Recovery Disk(Norton Installation disk) and restart...

4.You will see "Boot your computer from CD/DVD..."[click Enter]

5.Update definitions and perform Full System Scan

6.Save log file, delete threats, Eject th disk

7.Then repeat step 1

8. Go to Safe Mode with Networking

9.Go to
[If you cannot start it in safe mode do step 10 in Normal Mode]

10.Start full removal

11.Restart computer in Normal mode

12.[Now lets prepare a clean machine]: Update a definitions, Run a full system scan

13.Remove threats (most possible you have Trojan.General or Rootkit)

14.Restart PC

15.Now install Norton IS/AV/GAV 2009  

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Re: Running in safe mode, cant install Norton

The Norton installer (any installer using the MSI installer) can't run in Safe Mode, they need services which don't run is SM.

If you have troubles with it, log-in to safe mode, and open the msconfig panel, and do these steps. It will load only the MS things without anything (special driver's exe (like wifi) sometimes need to be run manually after the boot), and you can run any cleaning program, and symantec setup as well.

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Re: Running in safe mode, cant install Norton

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The problem may be due to the virus which is still present in your computer. The same can also happen if you have some left-over components from Mcafee program. You may have to check both now in order to install Norton 2009 program.


I would suggest you to try the Norton Recovery Tool for NIS 2009 first to remove the virus from your computer. Click this LINK for the Symantec Support Article which has instructions for downloading and using the Norton recovery tool. 


To remove Mcafee completely from your computer, you may need to use the Mcafee Removal tool. Check the instructions provided in the McAfee Support Article in this LINK.


If you still get blue screen, you need to get the information that the error message gives you. The structure of the error message includes two or more of the following items:

  • A STOP message with a set of numbers, such as 0x0000001E (0xc0000006, 0xA011C102, 0x00000000, 0xA011C102)
  • A specific error, such as IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  • The name of the file that is involved with the problem, such as Symevnt.sys


This will help to find out the exact reason for the blue screen in your computer



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Re: Running in safe mode, cant install Norton

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What version of Windows are you running?


What version of what Norton application did you buy? Norton AntiVirus or Internet Security? Did you buy it on disk or download it?

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Re: Running in safe mode, can't install Norton

Hi al3k5


A great innovation with NIS09 is that it uses it's own engine to install, therefore bypassing Windows installer and potentially installation blocking malware.


If you are trying to install NIS09, you should be able to do so in Normal and Safe Mode without problems.


As Hugh has asked, exactly which version of NIS are you trying to install?



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Re: Running in safe mode, can't install Norton

Wow you guys are REALLY helpful lol. I dont even know where to begin. I'll get back to you as soon as I try all these things. And to answer your questions i am running on XP, i purchased the newest version of Norton Internet Security 09'