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Search engine

I have Norton antivirus 2005. I do regular liveupdate that update the virus definition. Do we get an update of the search engine as well when we do live update or do we have to purchase the new version NAV 2010

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Re: Search engine

Hello ttobi22


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Live update does not install a new year of your Norton product. By that I mean, running live update  would not give you NAV 2006. Since you are running such an old product, you would have to purchase the new version NAV 2010. Please be aware though that the newer versions of NAV do not include a firewall at all. You would also have to check to see that your computer meets the minimum requirements for NAV2010.


Here are the requirements for the program.


Since you are a customer of Symantec, you could contact customer support via the free chat program and see if they could help you out in getting a better price. Here is how you can contact them

This is the link for US/Can. If you need a different location, please consult your local Symantec site for the local free chat customer support link.


If you decide to get the new version, you would have to run a Norton Removal Tool to remove the old Norton product first.


Please come back and let us know how you made out.



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Re: Search engine

It's definately advisable to upgrade to the latest version 2010

Besides this it is best to use an anti virus as well as a firewall

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Re: Search engine

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HI ttobi22,


I would recommend that you consider Norton Internet Security (NIS) or Norton 360 to replace the NAV you currently have. Both have built-in two way firewalls and are very good security programs.


You can see the differences in the two here. In general N360 is somewhat less customizable but is good for the average user who does not need or want a whole lot of control. NIS is great if you desire maximum control.


Hope this helps.


Best wishes.


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