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Stop deleting my login data please - How?



 I would like to make my own decisions and be able to:


  1. Disable NIS2012 cookie manager. It keeps deleteing my "Remember me" logins everywhere.
  2. Disable NIS2012 for as long as I want, not what it thinks I should do.
  3. Stop NIS2012 from using 100% of the cpu and 100% HDD read/write (when not scanning).




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Re: Stop deleting my login data please - How?



If you dont want Norton Identity Safe Vault to disable the browser password manager then Open Norton Product UI-> "Settings" ->"Web" -> "Identity Safe" and open "Browsing Options" UI and set "Turn off the browser's password manager" Tri-State option to "No".


You can enable your browser password manager in IE from "Tools"->"Internet Options" ->"Content" and click "Settings" link related to "AutoComplete" section and enable "User name and passwords on forms" and "Ask me before sacing passwords" check boxes.