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Subcription transfer

How do I tansfer my subscription for Norton Internet Security 2008 to a new computer that I am going to purchase?
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Re: Subcription transfer

When you install it on the new computer you should log in to the Norton Account that you created when you first installed NIS 2008 and use the Activation Key you have registered there.

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Re: Subcription transfer

Maybe I'm seeing this wrong, but how does Symantec know that it is a "legitimate" 2nd install (if licence is only for 1 PC) ?


Will the 1stPC never again receive updates? I'm not trying to circumvent any legimate business protection, I'm just trying to understand how the rules apply and how they are correctly applied by the user and enforced by Symantec.

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Re: Subcription transfer

I'm sure there is a procedure to cancel on one and install on another but I don't know what it is -- but I know a man who does know <s>


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Re: Subcription transfer

If you uninstall the product on the computer, then you can install the product on the new one and the subscription will apply to the new system. If there are any problems with this transfer, please contact our Customer Support team to get this resolved quickly:


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