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Suspicious Cloud is ruining my life!

Hey, everyone! This is my first post on here so bear with me. Just basic info to help you get an idea of what I'm working with:


- Laptop running Windows XP

- Installed Norton Antivirus Protection 2010 (runs just fine)


I recently got a virus of some sort and it's causing the following issues:


- opens new windows whenever I open Google (both in Firefox and Internet Explorer) and even redirects to spam sites or gives me a blank window

- labels sites as attack sites even though I know they are not (for example, trying to read a basic Wikipedia article)


I have run a system scan (full and otherwise) and it did not turn up anything unusual, although every time I go online I get Norton alerts saying that and another one called Trojan--something or other is blocked but if it was auto-blocked, why is it still messing up my laptop? I also tried installing "ad-aware" and did a scan and it showed two objects of concern but did not have the option to fix it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox but nothing happened. I also deleted all cookies. Nothing.


So I'm kinda stuck and would LOVE it if anyone could help me. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Suspicious Cloud is ruining my life!

Difficult to tell without a report from Hijack this or GMER,. Why not try Malwarebytes first and report findings. Download from here
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Re: Suspicious Cloud is ruining my life!

Hi daniamallette:


First, if you haven't already done so, clear the browser caches, through tools>Internet options.  Also clear the temp files.

Try also the One-click support option under Help & Support.  The scan may be effective against DNS poisoning.


See if you can download, install and update Malwarebytes, and run a full scan.  It can be done in safe mode if necessary, but it is more effective in normal mode.


You could also run Hijackthis.


Save the logs to Notepad and post them by using the "add attachments" link below the orange post button.

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Re: Suspicious Cloud is ruining my life!

Hi, daniamallette,


Welcome to the Norton Community Forums!


I would recommend:


01. Submitting All Files Detected as Suspicious.Cloud to symantec Security Response via this Web Link:


02. Follow the Removal instructions for Suspicious.Cloud:


03. Install a Firewall as Norton Antivirus 2009 and Norton Antivirus 2010 do not have Firewalls; this Thread has a list of Firewalls you can use, but please only install one:


04. If you're still getting Detections, please Download and Install Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, the Non-Paid Version as paying for it will add Real-Time Prevention which will interfer with your Norton Product making you Vulnerable:  Please Update the Product and then do a Full Scan of all Drivers in Normal Mode and in Safe Mode


Please make sure you are dis-connected from the Internet whenever Running Anti-Virus Scans as this may help prevent Threats from using Anti-Detection and Anti-Removal Techniques.


05. Please let us know the Results of the Scans; you can Upload the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Scan Results via the "Add Attachments" just below the "Post" button.


06. It would also be helpful if you let us know what other Threats are being Detected; you can see this in the Security History of your Norton Product.


It is really improtant that you follow all instructions exactly as instructed and to not take shortcuts as this may lead to more issues, so, if you need help with something, or do not understand something, please do ask first and we'll be happy to help.




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