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System Volume Information Directory

I stopped Win 7 System Restore in an attempt to remove the System Volume Information directories on attached drives. I tried to remove System Volume Dir with NIS2012 installed but NIS had added an EfaData directory and tracking.log file. I removed NIS, deleted the System Volume Dir with no problems. I then reinstalled NIS2012 and it seems that NIS created it's OWN System Volume Information directory with the same attributes as Win 7 would have created if System Restore was turned ON. Can someone tell me why Symantec is using the Volume Information directory for it's files instead of one of it's own directories? This looks like an oversight in design as they never figured that people would want to stop System Restore and delete the System Volume Information directory.

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Re: System Volume Information Directory

I can't answer your question about why exactly Norton uses it.

But the folder is used for more than just system restore.   It's used  for volume shadow copy in general, any program that uses volume shadow copy will need it.  It's also used to hold the windows database for the indexing service and another database for repairing shortcuts and linked documents.


Because of the file permissions it's a "system" folder that admins and other programs generally can't access and it's generally excluded from a lot of backup and defrag software that could mess around with the data inside it.