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Tracking Cookie ""

I discovered this cookie on my computer ( recently. Norton Online would remove it but it kept showing up. I believe I successfully removed it by running a full system scan while my OS was booted in safe mode. This threat has been on my computer since before I began using Norton Online but now that this threat is gone how concerned should I be about changing all my passwords and other info on my computer. Norton says it is a low threat tracking cookie but I don't know what kind of information it collects. Does anyone know how serious this may have affected my computer?

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Re: Tracking Cookie ""

Hello NHLover


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Here is a recent thread about that cookie. Tracking cookies are very seldom at threat to your computer.


Hope this thread will help you to understand about this cookie.

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Re: Tracking Cookie ""

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Hi NHLover,


Please see this additional thread, where the cookie is also discussed fully and links are provided not only to the "opt-out" site, but also to the Atlas Solutions Privacy page that explains that opting out will require that you keep their "opt-out cookie" on your PC in order to remain free of their tracking cookie.  The atdmt cookie belongs to Atlas Solutions which is a part of Microsoft Advertising, so this cookie is almost impossible to avoid and also almost impossible to remove.


However, like all tracking cookies it does not steal information from your PC, nor does it follow your every movement on the internet.  All it does is report back to Microsoft Advertising every time you visit a page that is affiliated with Atlas Solutions.  By connecting the dots an advertiser can build a profile of you through the pattern of affiliated websites that you visit in order to target ads that match your perceived interests, and to gather statistical data about internet advertising.  So while there are some legitimate privacy concerns involving the use of tracking cookies, the cookies themselves are not generally considered dangerous and removing them regularly will keep your web surfing habits from being added to the advertisers' databases.  Personal data stored on your PC cannot be accessed via a tracking cookie, so you do not need to do anything other than this to guard your privacy from tracking cookies.

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Re: Tracking Cookie ""

This was my solution: I'm running Windows XP with IE8 but some variation of this solution should work for anyone. Set the internet options to store saved web pages for 0 days, empty temp folder upon exit, and add to the restricted web sites list. When you open both your home page and E-mail page systematically block all cookies except those that give the pages functionality. If you don't already know how to access your modem settings contact your ISP to show you how and add to your modem's firewall block list "be sure your modem's firewall is activated". After doing all that, start your operating system in the Safe Mode and run a full system scan. This procedure should permanently remove and prevent the cookie from installing on your computer.

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Re: Tracking Cookie ""

Isn't this tracking cookie not really a big security issue? I know that sounds odd coming from me, since I'm so paranoid about this stuff. But is this really generally that big a deal?