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Trojan maljava

Following a full system scan with NIS 2012 on my laptop as well as the usual tracking cookies there was a notification of a virus found. On checking the quarintine area I also saw the same file about a week earlier,which I must have missed. The threat was listed as high and had the name Trojan.maljava. I freely admit not being the most knowledgeable about computers and this put me inro panic mode, following the link on Trojan.maljava to  the Symantec info page the threat there was shown as very low (confused). Ihave a few questions about this:


1 What is Trojan.maljava and what does it do to my computer

2 In the details box it says 'Launched:no' but it also says 'Actions Performed 1' so has it done anything?

3 The first occasion claims the file was deleted so why was it back in the same fike about a week later?

4 I have since uninstalled Java and deleted the Sun folder.Have done full system scan with both NIS 2012 and the free version of Malwarebytes whivh both came back clean,so can i be confident that my computer is now free of this?

also submitted file to symantec.


just noticed the first instance is marked ner.class contained threat - no idea what this is.

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Re: Trojan maljava

The following Symantec writeup provides more information on the trojan:


Running a scan with Norton Power Eraser as in the above link may also help you to confirm that your computer is free from threats.