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Turn On or Off Norton Internet Security - How?

Following a sequence of hyperlinks to instructions on this lead to what seems no correspondence between the instructions and the interface found in NIS.  This came from another website which lead to a Symantec page.


Someone asked about two products enabled at once:

Another member referred to a page with instructions:

Information for turning off Norton Internet Security was to be found here:


, ... and nothing at the symantec page resembles what my NIS looks like.  So how does one turn on or turn off Norton Internet Security?  Do we just open NIS, go into Settings, and disable Smart Firewall and Autoprotect?  What?


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Re: Turn On or Off Norton Internet Security - How?

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Hi g_cafe_c,


The easiest way to disable antivirus protection is to right-click the Norton icon in the system tray and select "Disable Antivirus Autp-Protect."  You can also turn off the antivirus on the main Norton window, if you prefer.  You can find the firewall options in the same way, but if you disable the firewall, make sure you are either behind a router, turn on the Windows Firewall, or disconnect from the internet.

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Re: Turn On or Off Norton Internet Security - How?

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The Bleeping Computer thread is dated 2007.

The Symantec Document linked to was Last Modified: 07/06/2007.

That information is outdated and cannot be performed as described.


The recent versions of NIS, NAV and 360 are designed to prevent manual "turn off" of the entire product.

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