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Turn off or restart the computer after a full scan

Is there a way to turn off or restart the computer after a full scan?



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Re: Turn off or restart the computer after a full scan



It will be great if you provide more information regarding the request.


Are you trying to perform full system scan on your computer?

What exactly happens when you try to run the scan? Any error messages or is it freezes at a perticular file?

What happens when you try to turn off your system or try to restart the system?

Operating sytem and product version

Whether the scan completes?






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Re: Turn off or restart the computer after a full scan

Hi ameneses54,


As Matthew indicated we really need to know more about what you desire to accomplish so that we can provide a more precise answer.


What product do you have, Norton Internet Security (NIS), Norton 360 or Norton Antivirus (NAV)? What is the exact version of your product from Help & Support > About? What OS and SP do you have and is it 32 or 64 bit?


Are you having a problem or are you just wanting to have your computer shut down after a full scan as a routine thing?


If you are just wanting to ensure your computer shuts down after a scan, there is no way to do that through the program. You would have to revert to schedulinga full system scan and then through Windows task scheduler you would have to schedule a time to do the shutdown, while allowing time to ensure the scheduled scan has time to complete.


An example of scheduling a shutdown in Windows 7 through the Task Scheduler can be found at the following location.


We can provide details on scheduling the full scan once we have more details on what product and version you are using.


Hope this helps.


Best wishes.


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