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USPS Customer Service= Smart Fortress 2012 Virus

"You need to get a Parcel" is what the subject will say.......and what you get is a virus if you follow their instruction like I did thinking I was getting a tracking number for a package.  I happen to be waiting for a package from the US Postal Service or USPS.  I received an email from USPS Customer Service with the Subject...You need to get a warned me that my package was waiting and if I waited too long to pick it up.....I would be charged $7.95 a day storage.  The email instructed me to download the attachment for a tracking get a virus named Smart Fortress 2012 which is looking for you to provide credit card information for their anitvirus program.  When you attempt to go to Norton's web blocks this telling you the site is a danger and then it continuously scans your computer telling you that you have 38 viruses and that you need to subscribe to it.  Thank God for Norton Antivirus Customer Support......the best there is !  Sincerely, Fred

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Re: USPS Customer Service= Smart Fortress 2012 Virus


The FakeAV on its own is quite easy to disable and remove