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Unblock UDP port

I am trying to set up a wireless printer (HP), and have gotten the error message "If you are using firewall software, verify UDP port is uhnblocked from your printer at".  I tried to follow directions that I saw in another post where someone was trying to unblock a port, but I don't know what number port the UDP port is.  I would appreciate any help someone could give me.

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Re: Unblock UDP port


try this:

1. Go to the Firewall's Traffic Rules settings

2. Click on Add to create a new rule

3. Select Allow

4. Select To and from computers

5.1. Select only to specified computers (last one)

5.2. Click on Add

5.3 Write in, and click OK

5.4 Click Next

6. On the list select UDP and all

7. If you wish you can turn on logging, by default it is turned off, just click Next

8. Here you can add a name then click Next

9. Click on Finish

10. Click on the Up button until the new rules goes up to the top

11. Save all the changed settings



Let us know the results.

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Re: Unblock UDP port

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You could also do something similar via Network Security Map!


Click Network Security Map(Main Page Norton User Interface) -> Ok -> Click +(Left of Window, just below Total in Network) ->

Enter Device Name and the IP Address and click Add Device.



Hope this is helpful,





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Re: Unblock UDP port

Thanks for both suggestions...I decided to try Doug's since it seemed easier, and so far things are working fine.  If for some reason things don't work down the road I'll be back.  Otherwise...thanks a bunch!

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Re: Unblock UDP port

Hello TOBsBF


I'm glad it is working for you now. If you consider your problem as solved, can you please mark the post which gave you the solution. In this way, others will know that the problem is solved and will be able to find the solution quickly. Thanks..

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