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Unblocking a blocked file

Hey all,


I'm hoping this is a quick question. How on earth do you unblocked a file that has been blocked? In history, there's no option to restore or unblock the file like there is for quanrantined items. Any ideas?




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Re: Unblocking a blocked file

I've used windows error recorder to show you how to unblock a file.  The resulting .mht file is uploaded here:

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Re: Unblocking a blocked file

Hi Cleargrey:


When you use the term "blocked" it appears to me that NIS safely remediated the threat.


Therefore, you would not find it in Quarantine.


Is this what you mean?

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Re: Unblocking a blocked file

Hi Cleargrey,


Let us know from which section in the History do you want to unblock or restore. It is known that restore/unblock option is available only for low level threats which won't make your computer open to vulnerabilities. The restore/unblock options won't be available for high risk items(like Trojan virus) as it may affect the security of your computer.


If any application is blocked by the Firewall, you can check it in the Program Rules and allow it for accessing the network/internet.



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Re: Unblocking a blocked file

Cheers guys.


The section of the history I want to unblock and restore is under Security History - Resolved Security Risks. Severity - High.Classification "Infostealer.Gampass", detected by Auto-Protect. Status - Blocked.


@Yogesh - It's not  that it's blocked from accessing the internet.


@Plankton - as I explain below, NIS sometimes covers things that probably act similar to viruses but aren't. This is perfectly fine. However I consistently have problems with NIS not allowing the me final control over whether to allow a file/program to function unhindered. Second, love the name Plankton!


@tyw7 - I don't think that's what I need as it isn't the unblocking I require. But thanks for making the effort.


I have even added the folder to the Scan Exclusion - Auto-Protect Exclusions list (with all subfolders included) and NIS still removes it. In fact, I'm not even sure that Scan Exclusion lists works as I am one of those that has many modded programs like driving sims that have been community modded, and most of the mods come up as viruses or trojans even when they're not. But NIS won't let them be no matter what I do.


This is frustrating me. :-(