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Virus Scan and Windows 8

Hi Guys,


I realise Windows 8 has another week before going main stream. But I've had it for a few months now and NIS2013 seems to have problems when running a scan.


Sometimes there is a red cross because a scan has not run, clicking on any of the scan options and nothing happens, had to reload PC to get this working.


Also, I have noticed, more recently, that when a full scan is clicked, off it goes then after a while it seems to hang, I have to 'force' a 'had reset' to get things going again.


The computer is an Intel 2500 processor, 8MB ram, HD6970 graphics card, windows 8 Enterprise 64Bit, 1TB drive.


A patch has recently been applied, I assume for the windows 7 problem....which I was having that problem on another PC.


NIS has been so solid for a while now, I have 18 months left of a subscription and thinking of going to the built in windows 8 anti virus solution.  Of the three PC's, the one still on 2012 has no issues what so ever.





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Re: Virus Scan and Windows 8

If Norton runs true to form then there will be an update shortly after W8 is released which should clear up the remaining problems. Trying to keep up with a beta release can be a bit trying, and sometimes very trying.

Hang in there the fix will come

Keep us posted

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Re: Virus Scan and Windows 8



Windows 8

Norton Internet Security 2012  version


Full virus scan never completes.   Just freezes at a random point.


Only way out is a reboot.