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Virus on usb memory stick (folder.exe)

recently i detected some virus on my sandisk 2gb memory stick (after i inserted my memory stick in some other computer). it was creating folder.exe for all the folders. Do you know about this virus and its impact?

when i detected the virus first I formatted it (not the quick format). Then copied my data again and put that in some other computer. This new computer again detected similar virus.
After cleaning the virus again, here are some observations which i made.

when i do "select all" in the memory stick and click on properties it shows me 10 files (for example, contained in 4 folders).
then i scanned memory stick using symantec antivirus. in the summary result it shows files & folders = 16.

do yo have any idea about these 2 extra files/folders?
Is there any way to check if there is still any virus ?
how can i check these 2 extra files/folders?

my system is win vista.

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Re: Virus on usb memory stick (folder.exe)

A possibility is that the host machine is infected, and everytime you insert a flash drive, the virus replicates itself onto the flash drive.


As for the # of files scanned, Norton's scan is not skin deep; it scans within files themselves and various other hidden objects. 


I suggest installing Norton on the host machine that infected the flash drive.

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Re: Virus on usb memory stick (folder.exe)

Hi Sachin


There is more than on Malware that uses this way to infect PC's from Flash drive or Floppy etc.  The 2 extra files that you are not seeing are hidden, one probably is an "autorun.inf".


When the Flash Drive is connect to a PC the autorun feature starts "autorun.inf" to infect a non infected patition, be it hard drive(s), flash drive or floppy.  Then the cycle continues, as the flash drive in inserted into another PC.


If you get a flash drive from someone who you don't know if the PC is clean or not (the owner may not realise themselves) as you plug in the flash drive hold down the "SHIFT" key, this stops the autorun feature.



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Re: Virus on usb memory stick (folder.exe)

Hi Sachin,


I think, the threat in your host computer is a worm, can be a varient of W32.Imaut.N or W32.Imaut.AY. The worm W32.Imaut.N creates new folder.exe on shared drives, while the worm W32.Imaut.AY searchs for removable drives attached to the computer and attempts to copy itself as new folder.exe.


Not sure if you already have Norton on your host computer, better to install a good AntiVirus in your host computer - either Norton as suggested by Tech0utsider or any other which works good for you.