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Warning of high memory use

Hi, since I uploaded further Norton facilities as instructed by norton I have been getting a pop up box warning of 'High Memory Use by Firefox'..  What does this mean?  and why now?  Someone suggested that Norton is the problem with all it's processes.  I have only just paid for my yearly subs so loathe to uninstall at the moment.

all advice welcome


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Re: Warning of high memory use

I'm wondering if what you are seeing is actually a Norton popup warning of high memory usage by Firefox.  At this moment NIS is only using 11,000k of memory, whereas Firefox is using 81,000k of memory.  Have a look in your task manager, and click on "show processes from all users"

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Re: Warning of high memory use

Norton warns when it [b]thinks[/b] the memory usage is high. Firefox is well coded, however, and uses memory efficiently. If you don't notice anything yourself, any crashes or slowdowns, just ignore it. Memory is meant to be used.

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Re: Warning of high memory use

HI victorpotts,


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When NIS pops up a performace alert it should tell you which application the warning is about. If you find that you get too many of these warnings you can go into NIS Misc. Settings and under Performance Monitoring set Resource Threshold Profile for Alerting to HIGH.


This feature of NIS is new to 2011 and will probably need some tweaks over time to get it just right.


You might be interested in the following Norton product Idea which talks about this feature:


Hope this helps.


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Re: Warning of high memory use

Thanks everyone.   I now feel confident.