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Web Safe badge?

Does a badge exist for web safe, for example if your site is known to be safe it would be good to have a badge to display on the site so your visitors know it has been checked and verified by Norton.



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Re: Web Safe badge?

Hello gwmbox and welcome!


Although a Safe Web badge for websites is not currently available, the Safe Web team regularly reads through this forum.  I will be sure to let them know about your suggestion.


I agree that it would be a great idea!



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Re: Web Safe badge?

Phil_D - Would this badge be the same as the green Safe site check mark?

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Re: Web Safe badge?

Hi gwmbox,


Welcome to the community!


I think it is a great idea and would encourage that you post it in the Ideas board.


However, similar service is currently available for our Norton customers, where the information is displayed on the SafeWeb toolbar (FF and IE).




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