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What is WS.Reputation.1?

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UPDATE FROM SYMANTEC last edited by Tony Weiss on June 02, 2010

Since this has become a lengthy thread, we've updated this first post to provide useful information to new forum members. While we work hard to gather info about as many files and configurations as possible, there are occasionally situations where we may encounter programs that get identified as WS.Reputation.1. We apologize for the inconvenience, and would like your help in improving the service and preventing any re-occurrence.


In the event that a file has been wrongly identified as WS.Reputation.1, please submit it here for review. For a workaround on this issue, please follow the directions in this post. I would also recommend that you review this post for information on why some of your files may be identified as WS.Reputation.1.






I am continually getting a warning that every .rar file has this in it.  This file (Ws.Reputation.1) is quarantined every time I right-click on a .rar file and choose to analyze it with Insight Network Scan.


However, when I run a full system scan, Norton detects only cookies.


It doesn't seem to pick up on the "infected" .rar files unless I right-click on them, and choose Insight Network Scan.


I have Norton Antivirus 2010. Please let me know what this is and how to get it to stop showing up on every .rar file that I have downloaded!



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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

Can I just be clear are you saying every rar file is quarantined?

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

The .rar files are not quarantined unless I right-click on them and choose "Insight Network Scan."


When the scan is completed, I am told I had a "WS.Reputation.1," which has been quarantined, thereby deleting the .rar file in question.


Happens with ever .rar file I download to the desktop. Also scanned a few .rar files that were in the recycling bin, and for some reason, those get quarintined too.


However, the .rar files I have stored in a folder on my desktop do not show up as having the ""WS.Reputation.1."


So basically, all recently downloaded .rar files are quarantined if I right-click on them and choose to do a virus scan.


It may also be important to note that it's giving me a warning that "fewer than 10 users in the norton community have used this file" for each .rar.


I've tested this on at least 10-15 .rar files from assorted sources, and the assertion that "fewer than 10 users have used them" just does not seem accurate to me.....


The .rars I am using are custom content for a computer game I have, if that is useful. I have downloaded tons of them in the past successfully, and now suddenly Norton wants to quarantine them if I scan them.


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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

I think there is a problem right now regarding this which affects both 2010 and 2011-beta versions.

You could search the Community for it . You can do nothing right now except from not clicking on these files to perform Insight Network (Cloud) scan

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

I'm running Norton Internet Security V and I'm getting the same crap as above only

It's not just .rar files but ANY files I download and right-click to check with Insight Network Scan

-even a few .Jpg images I pulled off of a few random websites.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

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I have the same problem not with rar files only but with every file that my IE8 generates! No matter whether it's a download or when I save a HTML page. I did some easy tests on it.

Just right click on the desktop,

select new file

and select new text file.

Rename the extension from txt to htm.

Just to make sure the file is clean, let Norton scan it. It should be OK.

Open that empty file with IE8 and save it as plain html or mht file.

Let Norton scan it and it will complain about that virus and removes the file.

Open the file with notepad and you will find nothing than a regular html header. So if this virus is really there it must be in an alternate data stream hidden behind the visible part of the file (goes for NTFS file system).


Now do the same with another web browser (I used Google Chrome). Voila, nothing to complain here. The same goes for almost any download (msi and exe files are not infected by IE8 which occurs pretty strange to me).




EDIT: I just  let scan such a test file and it couldn't find anything suspicious.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

yeah, i just starting have the same PROBLEM!!!


when i right click a folder of file it detect nothing, when i run full system scan it detect nothing but when i right click a file to scan, it said it have this virus and delete it!!!??


what happeing????

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

Thanks for letting us know. The engineering team is looking into this issue.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?



Having the same problem - a file from a trusted site is giving me a positive for WS.Reputation.1.  I'm figuring that it's just a bug, but I'd like to know for certain. 



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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

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A poster in the Norton German forum is having the same problem. I have directed him/her to this thread over here and to jesse_gough's post :-)