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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

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Hello Topic

very grateful for your posts re FF 3.6.6...

"Another one experiencing Firefox being disabled completely after the 3.6.6 update"

restored the files from Quarantine and Firebox works again.  :smileyhappy:




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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

Insight is prompting me to restart my computer to finish cleaning the WS.Reputation.1 infection. This consists of the three legitimate Firefox dll's. I don't see a way to keep Insight from cleaning the files. Do I have to restart the computer and let Insight put the files into Quarantine so they can be restored? Geez.....

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

add me to the list of ones who've had problems after updating Firefox.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

Same problem. After Firefox update 3.6.6 the files




are flagged and quarantined - which stops Firefox from working. According to Firefox support it is a FALSE POSITIVE and NORTON SHOULD FIX it.

I see here quite a number of posters with the same problem so why it was not fixed by now? Norton Insight claims that "file downloaded by less than 10 users". Really? There are more than enough posts about this problem here.

I think this problem needs to be fixed because it undermines Norton Internet Security 2010 reputation - if it flags a legit Firefox update. It is new because it is an update so why it is being flagged? And why the problem was not fixed already?

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

I went to where the files are located after restoring them from Quarantine back into the Firefox folder. Right-click on them and go to: 'Norton Internet Security > Norton File Insight' and there's an option to make the files 'User Trusted'. I have done this and I guess that will mean no more trouble with them being detected as suspicious and removed.


So I hope they aren't really a risk!  :smileyhappy:

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

I had the same this afternoon. It seems to be solved by Symantec, as i reinstalled and had nomore problems.


To solve : Download full installer FF 3.6.6; Uninstall FF via Add/Rove Programs (do not remove your personal data) and reinstall with full installer.


The so called WS1.reputation is not detected anymore.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

The issues with Firefox 3.6.6 should now be resolved.  You do NOT need to run LiveUpdate to get the fix - this was a back-end change that you should see reflected automatically in the next few hours. Thanks to everyone for alerting us to the problem and for being patient as we worked to fix it.  There were some technical irregularities with this Firefox release that caused Norton to make the detection, and we are following up with Mozilla to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

Jeff, is it possible for me to remove the detections from insight before restarting my computer to finish the cleaning process?

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

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HI Cloudcroft,


I had the same issue. You will have to restart your computer, and only after restarting, you will find the files in Quarantine. However, you may not be able to restore all of them; for this reason, before restarting your computer, download and save the Firefox installer from the official Firefox website, then restart your computer; go to Quarantine after rebooting and see if you can restore all three files. If you cannot do so, remove Firefox via control panel as hvgsel has suggested above (choose to keep your settings), go to Quarantine again and clear the remaining entry, then reinstall Firefox.

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Re: What is WS.Reputation.1?

Why would the user not be able to restore the files?  All files not deleted can be restored from Quarantine.

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