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Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

Hello everyone!


I am extremely pleased to announce the replacement of the Add-On Pack (AOP) parental controls feature with Norton Online Family (NOF) for all NIS and N360 users. 


Q: What is AOP?

A: AOP was our old parental control feature.  It performed web filtering based on topics (sex, violence, etc) that parents didn’t want their kids to see.  If you didn’t use AOP before, don’t worry, no changes apply to you.


Q: Who’s impacted?

A: Anyone who had AOP installed, which worked with versions of NIS 2007 – 2010 and N360 v1 – 4.


Q: What’s the impact?

A: The Add-On Pack support will end in May 2011.   AOP will not be available to NIS 2011 users.  Existing AOP users will stop receiving URL block list updates from LiveUpdate in May 2011.   If you have AOP installed, it will still be on your system filtering what it always did, but new updates to the block list will cease on May 2011.


Q: What do I do if I want parental controls with NIS 2011?

A: If you need parental controls, we urge you to use Norton Online Family, which has won rave reviews, and is vastly superior to the functionality that was provided with AOP.


I am truly pleased to provide our users with full NOF feature support.  We have not in the past offered NOF in place of Add-On Pack because we didn’t have the full complement of languages until now.  Now that NOF has all the same languages offered as NIS, NIS & N360 users can take advantage of the market-leading features NOF provides, things like:


Web Monitoring & Blocking tracks what web sites your kids visit

An easy-to-read activity report shows you at a glance ALL the web sites your kids visit, or attempt to visit. You can visit the sites your kids have been to and block specific sites or types of sites.

Time Limits  makes managing your kids’ computer time a breeze

You can set limits on your kids’ computer time to help ensure they aren’t spending too much time online and to teach them good computer time management habits. You can even limit computer use to the specific hours or days of the week.

Social Network Monitoring keeps an eye on your kids’ social network activity

You can see what social networking sites your kids belong to and how your kids represent themselves online (name, age, profile picture). You’ll gain insight into what your kids are doing so you can provide guidance and help them make smarter choices

Chat Monitoring* monitors your kid’s instant messages and chats

Monitors many major chat services and tells you who your kids chat with and what they say, so you can make sure the people your kids chat with - and what they chat about - are appropriate. You’ll also know if your kids are being cyber-bullied or if they’re cyber-bullying others via chat.

Search Monitoring tells you what your kids search for

Tracks the words, terms, and phrases your kids search for online. You’ll learn more about your kids’ online interests and you’ll know if they’re intentionally seeking out blocked or inappropriate content.

Custom Alerts notify you when kids do something they shouldn’t like visit blocked sites

Lets you keep an eye on your kids even when you’re not at home. Norton Online Family automatically sends you email alerts about specific online activities such as when your kid ignores a warning or visits a blocked Web site.





* Not available in all regions or for Mac OS


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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

LanaK - Thank you for the information about the Norton OnLine Family program.  I have been using the old Add-on Packs, not for Parental Controls and Monitoring but for the Confidential Information Blocking feature that was offered.  I looked at what was offered in Norton OnLine Family and I didn't see anything about Information Blocking.  Does NOF offer Information Blocking and I just missed it or is that feature offered somewhere else?  Thanks again for the information. 

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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

PC_confused: I'm the product manager for Norton Online Family and wanted to reply to your post about Norton Online Family. Norton Online Family does protect confidential information from being sent over email, chat conversation or posted on a web page.


Here are instructions on how:

About protecting personal information

Specifying personal information of the child

Turning on or turning off personal information protection
Setting up notifications when your child sends personal information


Hope this helps. Let me know if you've got other questions.





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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

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Yvonne - Thank you for taking the time to reply.  I must have overlooked that section. :smileysad:  I'll look into it somemore and maybe give it a try.


  I was going to mark your reply as the solution, but I can't see how to do that anymore.  Boy I'm sure missing a lot lately!!



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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?



Only the original poster of a question can flag the thread as solved and your question came partly through the thread so I guess the system only allows LanaK to use that tool and she didn't ask any questions <g>


So we'll have to take your intention as the deed! <s>

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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

Well, I have never , to my knowledge, had any problem with the add on pack parental controls. It seems to be doing the job I wanted it to do. Now I have to change to NOF to get parental controls. And I see that Norton has it's own Norton online family users discussion forum, with posts about problem after problem with NOF on their computers.

Thanks Kevin

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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

Any screenshots of the software? Plus, does is the online family free?

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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

check out the link above in my original post first, and also the forum, here:

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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

Hi TooStrong,


By just about all accounts Norton Online Family is among the best parental control programs currently available, and is far superior to the old add-on pack program.  This review points out the advantages of NOF:,2817,2346364,00.asp

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Re: Whatever happened to Add-On Pack?

I'm not suggesting AOP had problems, I am merely saying that NOF is better in that is has many more features than AOP ever did.


Personally, I've always been a fan of moving on.  When cell phones got smaller and more feature rich, I upgraded.  Even though my Motorola worked just great, I now have a Blackberry because it does much more.  Maybe next year, I'll even switch to an iPhone if I can get my work email on it. :smileyhappy:


Yes, there's a step here where you will need to download and get NOF.  it cannot be avoided.  but getting a better feature in the end may be worth it, and you may even decide you like it better than AOP in the end.