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Which is better, Norton Internet Security vs Norton 360?

I recently bought a new windows 7 pc with NIS pre-installed and good for 6 months.  I've always used Norton 360 on my other computers.  This has probably asked before, howerver, here it goes again; Which is really better for the protection of my computers, Norton 360 or NIS?

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Re: Which is better, Norton Internet Security vs Norton 360?



Both NIS and N360 are best in its own ways and depends on your requirement and usage.


With NIS you get - AV+ Web Protection, Identity Safe

With N360 you get- NIS+Online Backup+PC Utilities for tuning up your machine


To say personally, my choice would N360 again as it comes in as a complete package which satifies all my requirements and again its user preference.




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Re: Which is better, Norton Internet Security vs Norton 360?

Hi Ravenous,


You can see a comparison of features here.  This gives more information on the features. 





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Re: Which is better, Norton Internet Security vs Norton 360?

Hi Ravenous,


Just for the sake of arguement, I will say I prefer Norton Internet Security.  Why, because I do not use the backup function from Norton 360, as it is not an imaging type of backup system.  I use a standalone product which provides the same backup of files as N 360 does and also provideds images of my comploete HDD as well.


Also Norton Internet Security is normally upgraded to the newest veriosn in the fall of the year, while N 360 is ususally upgraded in the spring of the year - following the uograde of NIS.  Thus NIS is upgraded before N360 and the N360 upgrade is a "catch up to NIS" type of upgrade.


I have  Norton Security Suite ( N360 muinus the online storage) installed on a second desktop so I can do troubleshooting on that  program as I help out at the Comcast Forums also.  I have never run the Registry Cleaner as I do not care for it deleting items without giving me the choice of delete or keep first, nor do I permit the Optimiziation to run. 


Thus, why pay for extras that you do not use, have other programs to accomplish the same thing?


It reminds me of the old Internent Explorer vs Firefox which is the better browser question.   Everyone has an opinion.


I like this link better for showing comarisons as it contains a bit more info:


Now that you have the other side of the coin presented so to speak, I will tell you something I really believe in.  Only you can decide which functions you need over and above the basic protection (which are very close to the same).  I do not think anyone would fault you for either choice, IMHO if it suits your needs, you can not make a wrong choice between the two.


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Re: Which is better, Norton Internet Security vs Norton 360?

Hello Ravenous


Another difference between the 2 products is that NIS is more tweakable than N360 is. If you just want to install a program and just forget about it, then N360 would be the way to go. Since you do have a 6 month trial version, you do have a few months  and you can  actually compare how the 2 products do work.

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Re: Which is better, Norton Internet Security vs Norton 360?

Hi Ravenous

                       Both yank and floplot have offered good advice .Both products are well crafted programs that will offer you excellent protection  , but user preference certainaly has a place in making the final decision :smileyhappy:


Like yank, I prefer to use my own choice of back up software , which in my case is Acronis True Image . The features it offers suit my individual needs perfectly ....and that is the main reason I prefer NIS2012 for my own personal  needs !


Flo mentioned that NIS is more " tweakable " .....and  that is exactly why I chose NIS2012 , because the great range of settings allowed me the ability to be able to configure it to live happily alongside my favourite "back up " and optimization tools !


For anyone who isn't certain of their ability to make the tweaks or configuration changes to ensure compatibility between the software they are running , then Norton 360 makes a good choice as it is "all in one box " so to speak .

If you are a reasonably competent computer user and are aware of the importance of ensuring that no "real time " scanners that are part of any other application you have on your hard drive ...then NIS2012 may be fine for you .

Either program will serve you well :smileywink:

Give your present trial version a whirl....and that may give you a better idea of which may finally suit you best !

                                                                                                                                                  Cheers ......Ed

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