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Re: Why does Norton 2009 ignore MyWebSearch ?

Hi Dicobalt,


Thanks for the question and I appreciate that you are not trying to start a flame here. So I hope I can give you a serious answer. Again what I say here is not a criticism. I will try to be as factual as possible for you. HTH........


We have a risk classification system


that helps us define whether a particular application/file/program should be detected or not.


I notice that MyWebsearch toolbar was installed by yourself. MyWebsearch has a pretty detailed EULA which gives details about what it does including the fact that the information it sends to its servers is not Personally Identifiable Information and kept strictly anonymous.This is an important item. (Privacy)


These people you mention who are agreeing that MyWebSearch is a problem program (I have not searched through the forum but) ...why are they agreeing that it is a problem program? Is this purely historical or because other people detect it?


I have just installed MyWebSearch toolbar from the site in question. Yes I do now have the toolbar and my home page is now  But I agreed to that when I clicked the installer and kept the default options. I could have unticked the boxes.


I also noticed that I could uninstall the toolbar by going to Add/Remove Programs which I did.. Yes it told me that the toolbar would be fully removed after my next reboot of the computer. (Ease of Removal)


After my next reboot I loaded up Internet Explorer and the toolbar was gone...Yes the homepage still pointed to which was rather annoying to me, but I guess it doesnt know what my original homepage was so I just manually changed it back to Google for myself.


What I can tell you is that MyWebSearch toolbars weren't always as pleasant as they are now and believe me they were questionable. 

And yes at one stage we did detect them as Adware.MyWebSearch. As I mentioned if the criteria/behaviour of the toolbar changes so that it no longer exhibits adware/spyware behaviour then we also need to change our detections, even to the extent of no longer detecting certain versions of the toolbar. 

We do keep an eye on such things and if the toolbar starts to fall back into questionable circumstances then we would readd detection again.


And for the inquisitive (like me) Ive attached a text file called compare.txt. I hope it makes sense but what it shows is the changes that took place on the system during the time I installed and removed the toolbar. You should notice that there are a few registry keys/values that were not removed by the toolbar which have some references to MYWebSearch files.

What you should notice is the "Files Added and deleted" section which shows that all files that were added by the toolbar are also successfully removed when I uninstalled it.


I really hope this helps shed some light on the MyWebSearch situation. 





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