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Windows Defence Counsel

I went to an class assignment page this morning and immediately was infected and flooded by popup messages indicating my system was infected in various ways and that I should download Windows Defence Counsel to delete the various infections and protect my system.  My current updated Norton Anti-Virus doesn't find it on a full scan and I can find nothing in a search of the Norton site that even mentions this virus.  Research on the internet including wiki indicates Windows Defence Counsel is a serious threat to my system, but Norton doesn't seem to identify this an an issue.  Don't know what to believe.

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Re: Windows Defence Counsel

Hi vtiflorida,


Rogue programs are among the most difficult to block because they are continually modified to avoid detection, and they often do not do anything to your system that would appear suspicious (to you, yes - to the system, no).  You may have encountered a recent variant that is not yet detectable.  Since JavaScript is often used to infect a PC with this type of program, a good defense is to block JavaScript in your browser as suggested here:


If you are infected, Bleepingcomputer (a reputable malware removal site) offers the following tutorial on how to remove this rogue:

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Re: Windows Defence Counsel

Thanks for the info.  Is this something that Norton will address or am I just on my own with this one?

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Re: Windows Defence Counsel

vtiflorida wrote:

Thanks for the info.  Is this something that Norton will address or am I just on my own with this one?

As SoJ says the malware people change things so rapidly that detection before the event is impossible and the prevention of user actions that "invite" the malware would prevent us using the computer in many cases and lead to the sort of howls of protest that Microsoft encountered with VISTA and its User Action Control that kept interrupting with "Do you really wantto dothat?" popups.


Some software tools are particularly good at detecting something that is already there and removing it and that's why we often poiint users to what may be the best solution for them -- in this case the instructions at Bleeping Computer on how to use a utility called Malwarebytes.  It's a free download and their website is a safe place which is not true for some of the mirror sites where it can be downloaded from.


However I would not follow lthe advice there, after cleaning up, to buy the Pro version since some of the experts here worry about it conflicting with Norton if both are working in the background -- the free version only runs when you tell it to.


Norton continually addresses attacks of this kind -- it does care when a Norton user gets attacked like this.


BTW You might tell the USF IT people how you got infected .... they ought to be able to do better


Good luck in cleaning up and when you have gotten clear of the malwlare I would suggest coming back here, not just because we want to know but in case we can help you make sure that your Norton is fully operational again -- the first thing malware tries to do is to kill the defender.



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Re: Windows Defence Counsel


> First of all we should locate the destination folder of Windows defense counsel

> In general the file will be able to locate using task manager, but where in the defense counsel could have blocked it

> So we can manually locate the destination folder under user profile

> C:\Documents and settings\User profile\Application data\

> If you don't find the Application data, please open the folder options / View / Show hidden files and folders

> C:\Documents and settings\User profile\Application data\ PROTECTOR-VUOX

> Try to trash the file(Protector-VUOX) by using Shift & Delete

> If you get any error messages like you must have admin privileges

> Then rename the Protector-VUOX to .txt & restart the computer once

> Now navigate to the same location & TRASH the PROTECTOR-VUOX

> The above mentioned steps will help you to get rid of the pop-ups

> To make sure your computer is free from risks, please run NPE (

> If power eraser found some threats that needs to be removed, before clicking on fix please check the create system restore.