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Windows Defender with Norton 2011

Is it okay to use Windows Defender with Norton 2011. The rep who installed Norton 2011 for me turned Windows Defender off.  I used it with Norton 2010 without any problems so I turned it back on. Windows Defender came with my Windows Vista. I thought it could be extra protection.


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Re: Windows Defender with Norton 2011

Hi Holly


Norton does everything Windows Defender can do when it comes to protection so there is really no need to switch it on, having 2 anti-malware programs that do pretty much the same thing won't improve your protection.


Norton covers more areas than Windows Defender, but if you aren't having any problems then I guess you can leave it on.


Hope that helps :)

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Re: Windows Defender with Norton 2011

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Hello Holly


There is a recent thread where Tim (Norton Employee name in Red) says that during installation Windows Defender is turned off and it should remain off. I can't put my eyes on that thread, but I do remember seeing it not too long ago. NIS 2011 should give you all the protection you need if you practice safe computing. I found that other thread I had mentioned. You can find that thread over here.


As another on demand scanner if you want to check like once a week would be to use the free versions of Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware.


You can find Malwarebytes here

It is a safer location to get the program from than malwarebytes themselves because some malware creators have large lists of sites that they block. Please be careful to down load the correct program ----the FREE version of MALWAREBYTES

(Thanks to Delph for providing the alternative site)


Here is a free on demand antimalware scanner. It is safe to use on demand with your Norton product.

Here is another site you can use to get the program.

The download button is on the right hand side. Please be careful not to download Spyware Doctor which is on the left side. Also, please don't forget to update the program each time before use of it. In fact you can update it every day just in case some malware may prevent you from updating it.


I hope that this answers your questions satisfactorily. Thanks.

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