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Re: XP BSOD Possible Reason/Solution

You are not alone with Trusteer Rapport causing BSoDs.  It is quite common.  I have had a number of customers with major problems with Rapport, both random blue screens and a complete inability to boot the computer.


So far I have only found 2 sure-fire fixes.


1: Remove Trusteer Rapport

2: Reformat the computer and reinstall windows from scratch.


The banks (at least some than I know of for certain) only actually recommend Rapport for customers who don't have adeuate protection from other software.  Rapport doesn't provide any additional security over normal AV and Firewall combinations.  It does it in a slightly different way, but the end result is the same.


If you have a good up-to-date and functioning installation of Norton there is no reason to even have Rapport installed.  There are no banks that *require* their customers to use it, which is good, as that would mean that you could only do your online banking on the world's most vulnerable operating system.  Personally I don't even use Windows unless I really really have to, and I would close my bank accounts rather than bank with a company that *requires* me to use speceifc software to use their service.

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Re: XP BSOD Possible Reason/Solution

HI sqsol,


I agree.  While the protections offered by Trusteer Rapport are sound, anyone using a good security suite or otherwise paying attention to their PC's security is unlikely to need the extra protection.  Much of TR's value is in denying access to sensitive data by malicious programs already on the computer.  The banks are pushing this largely because it protects them from losses arising from users whose accounts are compromised because of lax security on the user's PC.  In most cases, the bank, and not the customer, covers any losses that result from fraudulent online transactions.  Trusteer Rapport is a way for banks to minimize the financial damage done by users who allow their machines to become and remain infected.